Day 8:

Believing In Yourself


Todays Goal:

Listen to the audio. See believing in yourself as your life duty. You are here for a reason. Spend 30 minutes thinking about who you are and who you are becoming, speak your affirmations into the mirror. 

PLAY Total Time: 12:55

Daily Positive Thought:

Stay true to what you believe you can do.


♥ Be proud of yourself. Believe in yourself. Don’t listen to what people say about you. It’s your life. Today is a reminder to stay within and stick to what you believe. When you believe in yourself, you inspire other people to do the same. This program is organizing your mind and thoughts and breaking free of limitations. Everything is already inside of you.
♥ Others perception of you is not the truth.
♥ Look back over the past 7 days at how much you have expanded your mind. Whats the one thing you are focused on in the next 14 days?


Believe Affirmations:

♥ I believe In myself
♥ I can do this
I am becoming more and more confident each day
I am so worthy to follow my dreams right now
I am enough now
I do not need to prove myself



Comment below to show you completed the exercise and share your thoughts! How do you feel since the last 7 days? ♥

You CAN Believe in Yourself.


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