Day 7:

Take the 1st Step


Todays Goal:

Listen to the audio. Making your dreams come true is really a SCIENCE. If you break everything down so simple you can strategically plan and think to take inspired action. You don’t need to know every step, you just need to take the 1st step and the rest will fall into place. Practice the art of taking action now. Don’t wait until you are ready.

PLAY Total Time: 21:45

Daily Positive Thought:

Let your dreams lead you to where your soul knows you belong.


♥ Step-by-step everything.
♥ Look at your mission and look at one of your desires in your new story ask, what is the 1st step to get me closer to this?


The Process:
♥ My Idea:
♥ 1st Step:
♥ How will I approach this 1st step?
♥ Why: (Why am I doing this?)
♥ Now: (What can I do right now)


Day 7 Progress:
Now you are creating your desired results, you are getting clarity and you are organizing your thoughts and ideas. One day one step at a time. When you get an idea, all you have to do is break it up into small steps and don’t focus on anything else apart from this step. Whenever you don’t know how to do something, just break it up into small steps using this process. You only need to know the1st step and taking action now removes procrastination and fear.

Now you have written out your new story, do you need to develop new beliefs to match this? Write your new story. Create your new rules! You are now motivated by your why, you have defined your life mission, you are freeing your heart by forgiving yourself and others, you know how to manage your time, you are building wealth, you know how to direct your subconscious mind to confidence, you now use the power of your imagination to design and direct any result you want in your life.

The Law Of Action

I believe this happened to me so I could tell you how powerful YOU are and that your idea or desire has chosen you because it is meant for you. The only difference is the 1st action step and with all faith and belief trusting that it will happen for you without listening to doubt or giving up. This screenshot is taken with the specific dates so you could see I screenshotted them both at the same time – I was in the car in the middle of nowhere, my vision board was my screen saver and the tour guide sent me that photo at that time.

The Thought Process:

1: Desire (I wanted freedom)
2: Ask: (If I felt free, what would I do? My 1st thought was, waterfalls, Bali)
3: What is the 1st Step? (Does this step feel good am I doing it from pure intention?)
4: Take action (Plan the trip/look at flights)
5: Relax, let go, follow your intuition without looking for it. “This or something better.”
6: Detatch from the HOW and Experience a similar situation of what you want. (I already visited a waterfall, so in my mind, it was done and I wasn’t resisting or focusing on it).
7: Don’t give up when obstacles come up, this is a test and it means you are very close.


Whatever you seek, is seeking you. 

Screenshot from the back of my phone (You can see the app)

Screenshot from the same time but the actual waterfall:


Comment below to show you completed the exercise and share your thoughts! What do you think about the Law of Attraction? ♥

You CAN Believe in Yourself.


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