Day 6:

Your New Life Story


Todays Goal:

Listen to the audio. Use your imagination to write your new life story of how you want things to go, write a journey entry of the end result, of what it felt like to believe in yourself. Write it as though it already happened. Design your life, create your reality, just as though an architect designs a building, you can do the same with your life. This exercise will give you clarity of your next steps.


PLAY Total Time: 29:11

Daily Positive Thought:

“I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.”
Anything you desire, you can have.


♥ Understand the power of your imagination, free write your new life story then expand on what you wrote and keep visualizing and developing your imagination of the feeling of already living believing in yourself now. You can use your imagination to experience living what is you desire.
♥ The secret is in the feeling, read your new story and step into that version who already has what you wrote down.
♥ Think about what you would do in a day, you fully believe in yourself, what do you do? What experiences do you have?
♥ Use pictures from google to help you imagine.


“I will develop my imagination by calling upon it daily for help in the formation of my plans.”

“Logic will get you from A-B, imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein


Day 6 Progress:
Now you have written out your new story, do you need to develop new beliefs to match this? Write your new story. Create your new rules! You are now motivated by your why, you have defined your life mission, you are freeing your heart by forgiving yourself and others, you know how to manage your time, you are building wealth, you know how to direct your subconscious mind to confidence, you now use the power of your imagination to design and direct any result you want in your life.


Comment below to show you completed the exercise and share your routine. ♥

You CAN Believe in Yourself.


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