Day 4:

Wealth Consciousness


Todays Goal:

Listen to the audio. Know your numbers, become more mindful of what is going out, how much is coming in. Figure out how much you want to make each day. Ask your subconscious mind to look for more ways to make more money. Write out a list of all your skills and hobbies that could earn you more revenue streams. 

PLAY Total Time: 13:06

Today’s Thought:
“Life is a game, money is how we keep score”



♥ 10/10/10 Rule
♥ Track your outgoings.
♥ Work out how much you want to make and plan to that.
♥ Watch the film “Money Ball”
♥ Expand wealth consciousness by reading Wall Street.



Extra Exercise:

If you feel like you have a negative money mindset, all you have to do is replace your thoughts with better feeling thoughts.
Do you have any subconscious benefits holding on to any beliefs? Maybe deep down you think having more money will change you as a person, or maybe someone has told you you will never be rich. Think of one benefit that could be blocking wealth. Because your subconscious mind wants to you to have anything, if you have a block it will be holding onto something it thinks is safe and secure.


Money Mantra:
“I deserve to be abundant in all areas of my life.”
“I am so grateful and thankful that money comes to me, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis.”


Day 4 Progress:
Now you have developed so much clarity and cleared old ways making room for new amazing life-changing habits. You know how to have more time to do more things you love and you have now expanded your wealth consciousness. Creating good habits gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to do it all at once, just start from today making better habits, being more mindful of what you are spending and be grateful for everything that comes in. You have also got rid of any conflicting limiting belief that could be causing you to hold on to fear around money. Don’t worry, it can be replaced. Use the money mantra to change your beliefs.


Now you have:
More in control of your money and outgoings and an ideal specific goal of what you want to make.
Wrote down more ideas of wealth streams.
Become aware of a limiting belief
Ask yourself what benefit is this causing me to have?
Created a new-belief and a new money mantra.
Affirm it every day and be grateful and aware of all the abundance you have.



Comment below to show you completed the exercise, did you think of any benefits that could be causing you blocks? ♥

You CAN Believe in Yourself.




  1. When I did this exercise I discovered that my subconscious mind was holding on to so many benefits. I kept getting the same patterns, I would save and earn a lot of money, then I would just spend it and lose it all and start again. I realized that my subconscious mind thought that if I have money, I won’t be uncomfortable to make drastic changes. I changed this story by saying to myself. “Having more money gives me the opportunity to live to my full potential, invest in myself and my passions and will change my life and the life of others.” We have to remember that our mind wants us to have anything we want and it will keep repeating behaviors it thinks benefit us. When you can discover what benefit your subconscious mind could be holding onto, and you start to track what you are spending each time and become more mindful you will become more appreciative and grateful of money and know exactly what it could be spending on. Money is energy.
    Also, a lot of these patterns come from your upbringing, how your parents spent their money and how people around you treat and speak about money. Just like anything, don’t leave it to chance. Know that you are abundant and you deserve abundance and that you can re-create your new money story at any time. When you clear blocks, you ask your subconscious mind to find you new ways, you will find ways to expand your mind to giving your passion and receiving energy (money) in return for your services.

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