Day 20:

Your Life is Your Message


Today’s Goal:
Today’s focus is all about speaking your truth, finding your truth, living your truth forever and thinking about your ways to leave your message to the world.
Practice introducing yourself with a few short sentences ready for when you have to introduce yourself, whether it be networking or when you are about to share your life story.
2. Start to post things related to what message you want to give out the world. Go onto the Facebook group, just press “live” go on and talk, about your life, your story, your passions, something you have overcome and hope to achieve in your life 🙂 Please, I’m supporting you all the way!

PLAY Total Time: 14:13

Daily Positive Thought:
Let go of how you think it should be and follow what you’re drawn to.


♥ Life Purpose focus, you are your life purpose.
♥ It’s never too late to re-start something you thought was too late.
♥ Everything you are interested in is a form of expression and a way to contribute to the world.
♥ Practice your introduction about who you are and how you say your name.
♥ Take risks and start putting your voice out there to be heard.
♥ Small steps towards the world hearing who you are.

More Helpful Resources:
What your Voice Says About You – Amy Walker Youtube


Introduce Yourself with Confidence

“My name is, My name is, I am () I specialize in, I believe in (Your contribution or problem you solve) What do you think about this industry and how do you find it.”

You can create many for as many industries you are in and base it on the person you are engaged with conversation in or what product you want to focus on marketing.

Practice saying your name “I am (your full name)” with confidence.


♥ I am divinely expressed and have a wonderful income.
♥ I have a magical work in a magical way, I give magical service for magical pay.
divine love, through me, now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear, easy and successful my way.
♥ I can be what I will to be.
♥ My actions create constant prosperity.
♥ My great work needs to be supported.


Day 20 Progress:
Over the past 3 weeks, you’ve really gone deep within to remove anything that could be blocking you and expanding your mind to possibility, and today is really showing you ways how to express that into your everyday life. When you are following your dream being aware of small things like how you say your name and have a couple of sentences ready to describe what you do can open many doors, increase confidence and develop better relationships.


There is no expiry date on your dreams.


Comment below and introduce yourself ♥

You CAN Believe in Yourself.


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