Day 19:

The Story Of Your Life


Today’s Goal:

Create your life biography

Be raw, be vulnerable, be you. Be proud of who you are. Using the template, write your life story and share it with the world. The time is now. Now you believe in yourself, its time to take action and let the world know who you are. Go to and buy YourName.Com, write your biography and share it. Write it in the comments below.

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Write Your Story

  • Step 1: Biggest achievement, where you are today
  • Step 2: The lowest
  • Step 3: Breakthrough
  • Step 4: What other people say
  • Step 5: Where you are going next
  • Step 6: One-word Quote from you
  • Step 7: Full circle with emotional why you are sharing your story and what life means to you.


♥  I can and I was born for a purpose.
♥  I am here for a reason
♥  I can be what I will to be.
♥  I will use my passion and make it my career and have a positive influence on everything around me and the world.
♥  I am here for a higher purpose, I use my talents for good use, how can I share my gifts and use my talents today?
♥ God help me be courageous, help me be powerful, help me use my talents today, help me use my talents for good use, help me share my gift. Help me impact the world.
♥ I am necessary to world as it is to me because I am the channel to bring my life purpose to the world.

My Story Example


Step 1: Biggest Achievement
I’m an actress, author, and speaker. I’ve launched my own brand called Believe, based on the concept to help people believe in themselves so they can follow their dreams. I create workshops on this now and my book became number one on Amazon whilst landing lead roles in films in cinemas in the UAE. Currently working on exciting motivational films and will be doing a tour of schools teaching these concepts so youth have the courage to believe in their ideas. 


Step 2: The Lowest
Most depressing 3 years of my life studying Uni doing something I hated. I joined acting school in UK to keep me positive. I started working for a company lost my job. Moved to Dubai, ended up in the wrong job again as a waitress, living miles away the middle of the dessert sharing a room. 
The path was difficult being miles away, after staying here for over a year and being determined not to quit, I got fired twice and was homeless.
Just as I was about to move home feeling so dissapointed in myself, I managed to get a really good job in an office branding and consulting. 
I didn’t come home for a year because life was such a rollercoaster and I knew if I went home I wouldn’t come back. But I wanted to go home, when I got home after the year I found out my Dad had cancer and during that week I was told he had 3 days to live. I stayed with him in the hospital for 7 weeks left all my life in Dubai. I had to go back because of my job and the poeple in my apartment left all my stuff outside. So I went back to sort it out and my Dad passed away when I left.

This was a life changing moment for me. 

We really aren’t alive forever. I used this pain to fuel me and it really made me think again “No choice but to believe” otherwise, do I want to regret not having the courage to pursue what’s really in my heart or believe in myself and go for it? What is more important to me is making a difference where I can and leaving the world a better place than I left it, in whatever way that I can.


Step 3: Starting to Break Through

I always had the desire to not waste my life and it got even stronger through this time.

I implemented these principles in my mind to force me to bounce back from all of this and really make something of my life. I studied NLP, Positive Psychology, read 100s of books, invested in coaching, seminars, to understand how to develop belief. I used all my strength to keep believing through this time and used all this fuel and put it into my work.
I used the principles of the mind to help me believe in myself whilst I got results.

I combined my qualification, with my passions and thinking about how to serve people. With my degree in iT, my passion for the arts and the mind and helping others, thats why I put it in an online course.


Step 4: Testimonials


Step 5: Vision For The Future

As I went on I discovered I wasn’t the only one who struggled with self-Belief and so many talented people are not doing what they want which pains me.

I created the book “Words that will make you believe in yourself” because words are what got me through my darkest times and pushing myself through and I wanted to give this simple tool with the most effective language that our brains understand the most that moves you forward whenever you feel doubt and fear. I created this program because I found the best steps to put into order of how to go from nothing to believing in yourself in order and also explaining and teaching how to properly share your life message with the world. I plan to give workshops in schools and around the world to inspire people to follow their dreams. There is no way I could have planned for this to happen in a country I knew nothing about.


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