Day 18:

The Success Formula


Today’s Goal:

Prepare to Succeed.

Today is all about the realization that you can get anywhere you want to when you prepare. Today we discussed the exact steps to take before you do anything which will give you the confidence and get the result you want. Use the success formula before you do anything for the rest of your life. Today’s goal is to study preparation, choose someone who is in a similar field to you and study how they prepared and what they did to get to where they are today. Leave comments in the box below and share what you found!

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♥ I practice confidence, I get in the zone, I am get prepared so I am ready for my dreams.

♥ I practice being focused and determined each day.

♥ I prepare by believing in myself.

♥ I do my best right now.

♥ I plan early and I prepare.

♥ I tell myself “I CAN” each day.

“Achievement is talented plus preparation.” – Malcolm Gladwell

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

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