Day 14:

Know Your Worth & Add Tax

Listen to the audio, take notes and complete the exercise for today:

PLAY Total Time: 16:05


Today’s Goal:

Today’s theme is all about realizing your underlying worth. Our life is a reflection about how valuable we think we are. It reflects in our relationships, career, health.

To figure out what could be holding you back, just sit for 10 minutes and ask yourself, what is stopping me from thinking I am valuable? Let that idea/experience come to your mind and think about the benefit holding onto this gives you. Once you become aware of the benefit your subconscious mind thinks it is, you can tell it that you do not want it to be like this by the thought of still feeling unworthy in 3-9-12 months.

Believe you are valuable. Know your worth. You have so much to offer.

1: Write out 20 ways you are valuable for being YOU. It can be as simple as I am an amazing friend,a good listener, I am patient.
2: Ask what value can I use to help other people solve something “I can help you get (benefit) using (your skill).
3: Write out 5 ways you can increase your value and enhance your value. Invest in yourself, can you take a course, read a book? The more knowledge you have the more you can give this to other people.

The goal is to FEEL valuable.

Write a list of 10 things “I love myself because”


Think of how amazing you are, now start to go deeper. What are some more ways you can stop doing that will help you step into that version you know you are. What can you let go of. Are you de-valuing yourself in a relationship? Or with friends? Can you spend less time doing something? Any bad habbits?

Bonus Tape

See yourself as valuable because you are, the more you can grow and expand and give more value to the world, the more confidence and self-belief you will have, because you are focused within, you are focused on serving others and when you focus on the bigger picture, fear and doubts will wash away because you know it is more important for the highest good of all that YOU know you are worthy so you can share your value with the world.


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