Step 1:

Clarity and Direction


Reason why:

The 1st Step is to set the intention of your goal for the next 21 days. What do you really want? Once you make a clear vision and know where you are moving towards, you will have clarity on what step to take next. Write this statementent and put it where you can see it, without worrying about the HOW.

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Your Life Mission:

  • I am moving towards more
  • I am inviting in
  • My passion is
  • My commitment is
  • My purpose is


Your Why:

  • Never worry about the HOW, WHY do you want to Believe in Yourself?
  • What have you had enough of?
  • What are you ready for?


Wallpaper download “I am living my dream now.” Download here:


Comment below to show you completed the exercise and share your goal for the next 21 Days. ♥


  1. In the next 21 days, I am manifesting success in my new job. I am inviting in creative innovation, as well as strategic vision that benefits not only the company, but provides me with positive notoriety. My passion is creating projects and seeing them through to successful completion and implementation. My commitment is to keep telling myself that I am amazing at what I do, I deserve to be here, and I can do this! My purpose is to enjoy the work that I do and love the living it provides for me and my family.

  2. In the next 21 Days, I am moving towards more belief, success, and happiness and opening my throat to be able to express important messages.
    I am inviting in more possibility, more passion and determination.
    My Passion is to express myself through acting, dancing, singing and my Believe Program.
    My commitment is to show up every single day and put ALL my love and everything for the next 21 days giving my all and sharing everything I know in my program to add value and serve others with the guidance and tools to Believe in Themselves.
    My purpose is to contribute more consciousness, loving and givingness to the world, remember being one and living ones purpose.

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