21 Days to become Unstuck, figure out what you want and train your mind to believe you can do anything.

You will also learn how to share your message with the world, become an author and you don’t need to do anything but be yourself to do it!

The Believe In Yourself Program
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What does it mean to Believe In Yourself?

  • You have the confidence to take action on your dreams
  • You trust yourself knowing you can do whatever you put your mind to.
  • You stay grounded whether you fail or succeed.
  • You are able to step into your alignment with your true life destiny.
  • You can remain focused no matter what obstacles come in the way.
  • It allows you to take risks.
  • You feel like you are enough, just being YOU.

What is this program? 

  • 21 Steps to transforming your mind into a state of BELIEF.
  • Audio Program that you can listen to 10-15 minutes a day to focus on all possibilities.
  • Creating your own destiny
  • Knowing how to actually bring your ideas to life.
  • Powerful techniques to help you get what you want.
  • Learn how to become an author and create products and services based on your life purpose.
  • After the 21 Days, you will step into your truth.
  • Helps you to share your message with the world, no matter where you are in your life, you have a story to tell.

21 Steps:

Believe In Yourself Step 1: Your Life Purpose – How to Define it (Including a simple template)
Believe In Yourself Step 2: Clear Your Mind and Letting Go of the past and anything that no longer serves you.
Believe In Yourself Step 3: How to have more energy and manage your time so you can do it all.
Believe In Yourself Step 4: Creating more abundance and wealth management tips
Believe In Yourself Step 5: The Official Confidence Formula (with meditation download)
Believe In Yourself Step 6: Writing the new story of your life.
Believe In Yourself Step 7: How to bring your IDEA to life and take ACTION.
Believe In Yourself Step 8: The Science behind Believing In Yourself made easy.
Believe In Yourself Step 9: How to have a positive state of mind regardless of your physical reality.
Believe In Yourself Step 10: How to use the right language to create the success you want in your life (includes a free page of my book)
Believe In Yourself Step 11: Believe that anything is possible and creating your self-praise list. You can do it before, you can do it again!
Believe In Yourself Step 12: You don’t have to wait, you can live your dream NOW. (Find out how)
Believe In Yourself Step 13: How to overcome ANY fear and use it to serve you.
Believe In Yourself Step 14: Realising your value and how to use it.
Believe In Yourself Step 15: The power of your thoughts and how to connect to your true power source.
Believe In Yourself Step 16: The secret to turning your life into a miracle.
Believe In Yourself Step 17: Understanding the power of your mind and how what to do when you want to quit.
Believe In Yourself Step 18: How to PREPARE for success and everything you want.
Believe In Yourself Step 19: How to write your life story and start sharing it with the world in speaking engagements.
Believe In Yourself Step 20: Developing confidence, introducing yourself and putting yourself out there.
Believe In Yourself Step 21: Step out into ACTION, you are ready how to become an author and create brand “YOU” step into your power and change the world with your dream.

What's Included:

  • Daily meditation to align with your power and attracting abundance.

“As a current member and subscriber of this Believe program, it has truly helped me to reflect on myself and learn self-love, self-belief and gain the confidence I have desired for so long. The daily recordings, as well as the exercises, are essential and I look forward to them every morning to start my day off on a high note and carry it with me throughout the day. I am so thankful and happy I have come across you, Christina! You are a gem, positive influence and most of all a beautiful inspiration :)”

– Angela Clark (21 Days to Believe)

“Before your program, I was close to giving up on my goals…as I could not believe I can accomplish to reach my goal. And here I am…finished your course and I have this award I never dreamed of achieving. This is just the beginning as now I can believe. I thank you so much.”
– Anja Murphy

“This program was life-changing. I changed my mindset and have a beautiful life because of this motivation and positive thinking. Thank you for helping me set goals, focus on myself so I can continue to achieve my goals and be one of the best makeup/hair stylist artist in the world!”
– Anastasia Tenecia Harris

“Thank you so much. I am no longer overwhelmed and I now believe I CAN DO THIS. Before this course I was feeling stagnant, my goals felt unrealistic and unobtainable. Your program helped me organize my thoughts and break everything down so it felt possible and I know believe I can get to my goals. Thank you for inspiring me and I have now launched my website!!”
Catherine W 

The world NEEDS your Purpose. Your ideas and dreams have chosen YOU.

1st Step: Believe In Yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Success is not a secret its a system – Florence Shovel Shinn 


How does it work:

Log in and listen to the audio each day. You do one day at a time and implement the simple step given. 


Because we only have one life and the world needs you to shine. 

About Me

My names Christina Andrea Blunsum, I’m an Actress, Author of Amazon #1 Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself and Speaker.

With a curiosity for discovering the meaning of life and how we use our mind to serve us to live our life purpose and a passion for acting, background in IT, I put together these 3 ingredients to step into my true life purpose. It started with having no self-belief and not knowing how to believe in myself, but just wanting to live a life of purpose but feeling so stuck not knowing how.

When I started to implement the principles of the mind taught in this program, my life changed and I discovered a new world and a new meaning of life. I was able to understand how to stop holding myself back, share my gifts and express whats in my heart, with the inner belief and courage to know that this is my journey and not worry about failing or what other people think. It lead me to writing my book, landing lead roles in Films across the cinemas in the UAE, speaking in inspiring events including JT Foxx’sInspiring Events, touring the UAE presenting a children’s show creating inspirational films, working with HSBC on their message “Supporting Human Ambition” and other things that reflect whats in my heart.

My biggest achievement is creating this program, not only is it important for me to live life to the full and live my dreams, but its also important to me that other people know how to too. We are all here for a reason and we are all connected. By you knowing how to believe in yourself, you make the world a better place and you can inspire other people to do the same too. I know the pain of not feeling good enough, like your ideas and dreams aren’t worthy, but they way. Something you struggle with or you think is your weakness, can be turned into your greatest gift. You have a story and a message to tell, nobody is more special than anyone else, they just have the belief and the courage to step into their life purpose and put themselves out there.

Following your life purpose is not easy that is why you have to understand how you communicate with your mind so you can push through when it gets tough. You have to learn how to believe in yourself when no one else does. Your dreams are important to me that is why I created a community. We are in this together and together we shine.

Your ideas and dreams have been given to you for a reason because you are the channel to bring it to pass and it is your birth right to believe in yourself.

Don’t let your doubts and fears stop you from becoming you true self. You can be, what you will to be.

Just like Steve jobs said the world was created by people no smarter than you so why not you, all you have to do is have faith and believe. Start now, Believe in yourself now, there is no time to waste. Take this journey with me. #TogetherWeShine.