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Lets develop our self-belief together in my 30 day challenge ♥


To help as many people as possible to believe in themselves and their stories. I put this 30 day challenge together so we can do it together. Each day I will do the exercise with you to help you add the principle into your daily life. Believing in yourself is the 1st step before doing anything - belief is like a muscle, it can be developed through principles and training.

Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable. ♥


  • You will receive daily information and a exercise that develops your self belief.
  • Lives each week to progress and prepare for the week ahead!
  • I will support you and your belief and in the next 30 days we will grow together!


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    You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be ♥

    WHO AM I?

  • My name is Christina, my blog is
  • I’m an actress because I love people, human psychology I feel safest and happiest on set - I have a passion for how our minds work and acting helps me practice and express that.
  • I love quotes.
  • I work mostly with actors helping them develop their belief in themselves.
  • I’m obsessed with personal development and reading books and learning.
  • I’m a content writer for Educate Inspire Change.
  • I love yoga and dancing (ballroom dancing)!
  • I went to David Johnson Drama School in Manchester for 2 years.
  • I’m from Liverpool, but I moved away and lived in Dubai for 3 years for the only reason to find my purpose.
  • I was the only British actress in a film in the Uae that will be out in cinemas next month!
  • Before I knew how to believe in myself, I chose a route of security and got a 2:1 degree in IT, I know nothing about how to fix computers and absolutely hated these 3 years, but I pushed through out of sheer determination and having to fully complete things.
  • I created when I was 13 and now I don’t know what to do with it so I post quotes that I love on there because I don’t want to let it go!
  • I have a passion for life and my motivation and driver is the fact we aren’t here forever and I want to do everything I can possible whilst I have the opportunity to be alive.
  • I believe it is my purpose to help people believe in themselves and their life purpose.

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  • I see so many talented people who can’t move forward because they are stuck in self-doubt.
  • I know the pain and frustration of not believing in yourself and it hurts me when I see other people feeling the same.
  • I wanted to create a system that gives you the exact steps to believe in yourself when you don’t know what is holding you back.
  • Believing in yourself gives you the chance to express your dreams and what is in your heart.
  • Every single person has something unique about them, there is enough room for everyones dreams to come true. No one is the same.
  • When we remove all of the limitations and negative thoughts about ourselves, we discover that unique point that can not only change your life, but change the world.
  • You just need that self belief within yourself and one person who also believes in you, so I wanted to create this movement, for you to have support and a community of people to believe in each other.


    The only difference between someone living their dream and someone who isn’t, isn’t due to talent, or opportunity. It is the belief they have in themselves. Belief is a mindset that can be developed through principles and training. See we all have hopes and dreams, but if you be honest and ask yourself right now do you expect or think its really going to happen? What would you say? That underlying belief is what is stopping the results.

    A couple of years ago I knew that I had to believe in myself, but I didn’t know how or what it even was. I didn’t even this was my issue until David Johnson said to me Christina your only problem is you don’t believe in yourself! That day, I remember coming home from a 17 hour day and I felt so stuck and frustrated. I was taking all the right action steps, putting in the work and practice but I was remaining the same. On one side, I wanted to do all these things, then the other side of me would hold myself back and I didn’t even know why. That day I had enough and I said to myself, now is my ultimate mission to believe in myself. I stopped focusing on trying to achieve or be or do anything, apart from focusing on developing my inner strength and self belief. I googled “how do I believe in myself” nothing came up apart from basic stuff, like be confident, dress nice, practice. BUT I COULDN’T FIND OUT ACTUALLY HOW.
    So I went on a mission and it opened a whole new world for me. I have invested SO much into learning and understanding the mind, studying successful people, applying and testing the principles in my own life, attending events and seminars, interviewing people, surrounding myself with master minds to discover how they do it. When you have a dream that no one can see but you, you have no choice but to believe in yourself.

    When the job opportunity came up in Dubai I took it just to learn about life and discover my life purpose and apply these principles. I thought I would stay for a couple of months, but the job I intended to go for didn’t work out and I ended up working on the restaurant. I was completely out of my comfort zone and I was faced with adversity every day, not only that (not everyone) but a lot of people judge you and look down when you are a waitress, they underestimate you. When I told people I wanted to be an actor, no one believed me, a lot of people said Dubai isn’t the place to do acting and that I should have moved to LA (even though Dubai was my only opportunity at the time).
    I also faced a LOT of rejections, but USING these principles kept me going and helped me push through all of these negative opinions. On my first week in Dubai I was told that about there is no acting work. If I listened especially when I was at my lowest place ever, being away from home, not knowing anyone in a different country, working over 12 hours a day 6 times a week, I could have just went home and give up. Instead I applied these principles and have since went on to tour the whole of Dubai presenting a healthy eating show for children, landed lead roles such as Megan in an award winning film “The Replacement” which is out in film festivals all over the world this year, I landed the lead role in a film called Wesalna Wela B’adna with Emirate Superstars (I was the only British actress) that is out in cinemas in the UAE, I have done lots of leads in Music videos, worked with HSBC’s Campaign supporting Human Ambition where they flew me to Sri Lanka for 5 days, played ‘Lara’ in Lara Turns 30 in Raddison Blu Series (which received lots of bad comments that I had to bounce back from) done other lead TV Commercials for companies like Meydyan, Emirates NBD Bank and lots of short films, web series’s and live theatre shows, including an independent film with Salma Azzam and have presented in events and Business Conferences and attending amazing events like Mega Success in LA.

    I’m not saying this to brag, I’m telling you this because one time I had NOTHING, yes I had a degree but it was pointless for me. I had nothing to show for my passions, I used to hide away and not share my story, I was even so shy I was even too scared to post a selfie at one point. There is no way I could have planned for any of these things to happen and I didn’t focus on anything else but doing the inner work, when you focus on your belief and removing all of the bull sh*t that you have been told from your environment or society and you become your true self, opportunities flow to you, the right people come into your life, you have the courage to pursue all of those dreams and desires that lie within your heart and can just finally be yourself. No one is better than anyone it just starts with the frame of mind.

    So after studying none stop from the worlds biggest master minds, I put together a formula that develops SELF BELIEF within. It really is a journey and I want everyone to know these principles so they can go on and live their dreams ♥


    Yes, you can join at your own time. The starting date is when I will be going on live and doing the challenge from that date but you can catch up and still get support in the Facebook Group and have access to the content and community.



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