Embrace Your Ambition with Beverley Bramwell

Introducing Her Career Confidence, the podcast for the busy woman with big ambition. Interviews with inspiring women who share their stories of struggle, vulnerability and success for women to listen during their busy day.

Her Career Confidence was created for women. Women who are busy juggling work, home and their life and they are constantly on the move. Going to work, squeezing in a gym visit, running a business or looking after children. Everything is fast,looking at a to-do list and working out what to do next. Is there enough time to breathe? Seriously though.

Her Career Confidence is 30 minutes or less of audio to listen to in those precious moments of downtime. Thirty minutes to pause and reflect and, maybe get an external perspective.

Here’s a clip from the introductory episode by Beverley Bramwell.

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About the speaker:

Beverley BramwellBeverley Bramwell is the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition, a global community for women who are ready to embrace their ambition and have the career and life they want.Beverley is a success coach and consultant working with confident women who know they want and deserve more, but instead play it safe. Beverley helps women find out what is stopping their progress, discover their passion and unlock their success.

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New year, new woman leader?

How would you feel if you were described as a powerful woman, would you like it or loathe it?

Synonyms for powerful: dominant, forceful, controlling, authoritarian. None of these are positive, so it is no surprise that you may not like being regarded as powerful.

high-value-manMasculine power is different, it is hierarchical; the ultimate being the ‘alpha male’.

Feminine power is less so; empowering others and sharing power, to achieve their aims. Women can lead powerfully without acting like a man.

How are you getting on at work?

If you decided that this year was going to be your year and that included your job, what have you done about it? If you want to advance your career at work, standing on the sidelines and hoping that you will be noticed is a long-term strategy which may not pay off.

Here are some suggestions for what you could do at work:
Do you speak up at meetings and get yourself noticed; are you on your manager’s radar as a potential high-flyer? If you answered ‘no’ to both of those questions, then you need to change your strategy at work. If you have a point to make, raise your hand or indicate to whomever is leading the meeting that you wish to speak. If someone attempts to speak over you, point out firmly and clearly that you haven’t finished speaking yet and make your point. Your contribution is just as valid as your colleague.

Always remember you are enough. If you can visualise yourself stepping into your power, speaking up and being heard, you can start to see how powerful you really are, and that power in your hands, is a positive thing.

The above is an extract from the very popular workshops run by Her Invitation all over the country. ‘How to increase your power and influence’ The workshops include confidence building and career strategies and they are run exclusively for women. Some organisations have also held them in-house so that all their women employees can attend.

Hi workshop 0116

If you would like to book a place on the next workshop go here to reserve your place

Beverley Bramwell

Beverley Bramwell is the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition a global community for women who are ready to confidently create the success they deserve. Beverley is a success coach who works with women who want to transform their career and their lives. To book a personal consultation

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Would you talk to your best friend like that?

What sort of friend would you be if that negative self-talk you tell yourself-‘You’re fat’ ‘You’re too old’ “You’re not pretty’ you told your friend?

Yet, these are just some of the negative things you tell yourself every day. Even now as you’re reading this, that critical voice in your head is telling you something else. Your critic acts as your judge and stops you. It shames you and holds you back. It reinforces stories you hear elsewhere that you’re not good enough. Sometimes we believe it and seek out evidence to support the critic.


Stop and think?

Would you phone or text your friend with a non-stop onslaught of negativity. Would you send them instant messages every hour with a new criticism? Unless you don’t like your best friend, I think the answer is no. So why do you do it to yourself?

Some regard the inner voice as a protector, in case you’re going to take a risk, you check in with yourself. Others see that negative voice as form of motivator. But more often it acts as a judge. It makes you feel ashamed and not worthy. That is not motivational. Hearing regularly that you’re not good enough, will not make you want to prove the critic wrong, unless you realise what is happening and DECIDE to do something about it.

Become aware of when your inner critic is most active. Is it before you’re going to stand up and present something at work? Just before you decide to talk to the hot guy or girl in the coffee shop? Make a decision about your life? There are so many examples! So be aware when it happens and then listen to what it says? Whose voice is it? I know this may feel a bit strange, but what I want you to understand that is that voice is separate from you.

Here are some possible solutions to control your inner critic, but first you must accept it is never going away, because it is your thinking.

You may find one thing works for you and another doesn’t. There is nothing wrong.

  1. Meditation-it can quiet the mind.
  2. Exercise-sometimes you are so caught up with exercise you can’t hear the voice
  3. Saying affirmations regularly
  4. Morning pages- where you write down everything in your head, no judgement or discussion, just an emptying of the mind
  5. Keeping a journal to order your thoughts
  6. My favourite- looking at yourself in the mirror and saying out loud, ‘I am good enough’. This can be difficult and maybe even emotional as you realise the criticism that you have been listening to. However, I suggest you persevere and repeat daily.
  7. Dancing or singing aloud can shake you up and give you a different perspective on the inner critic.


Finally, thank your inner critic for the insight it has just shared with you. Also, when something goes well for you, feedback to the critic. ‘I did that well’; ‘I was great’, successful whatever. If the critic were your best friend that is the sort of encouragement you would want to give.

Please leave a comment in the box below about your inner critic and tell me how you treat yours.


About Beverley Bramwell

Beverley BramwellBeverley Bramwell is a success coach and the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition, a global initiative for women to confidently embrace their ambition and create the success they deserve. If you are ready to embrace your ambition and want a personalised consultation to gain rapid clarity on your direction http://bit.ly/1eYGMXD


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What are you waiting for? Act now.

hangoverAs we enter the Christmas party season and hangovers are becoming all too common, the popular comment on the morning after the night before is ‘I’m never drinking again, I must start taking better care of myself’ or ‘I’ve been neglecting my diet, body, life and I must do something about it’ However, the popular idea is ‘I’ll start in January’.

Why do you have to wait until then?

London NYE 2015You think you need to wait another month, before taking action because of the hype about a new year and a new start. So in January you’ll talk about your new year’s resolutions and your good intentions. Before you realise it, January has ended and you have either stopped your good intentions/resolutions or even worse, you didn’t start them.

What’s the solution?

Start now, today, this week. There is less pressure because it’s not the start of the year and you can make some changes and see how you get on. If they don’t produce the desired results, you can tweak them and start again.

Lao Tau says ‘the longest journey begins with a single step’. You don’t need to make a major announcement, just start taking action, one step at a time.

I’m currently reviewing my fitness goals and organising my exercise classes and gym visits. These will be in place before Christmas. I’ll enjoy the celebrations and then resume my fitness programme after Christmas. I’m more relaxed abut them and I’m motivated to stick to them.beverleygherkinsept15.jpg

I did a similar thing last year about my fitness and produced impressive results. I ran up the Gherkin in London in September for charity!

You don’t need to wait until January, you can act now.


About Beverley Bramwell

Beverley BramwellBeverley Bramwell is a success coach and the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition, a global initiative for women to confidently embrace their ambition and create the success they deserve.


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Are you getting in the way of your success?

Are you getting in the way of your success?

I posted a video recently from a very busy Times Square in New York. On It I asked a question ‘what did you say you were going to do this year, that you haven’t started yet’

One of the many responses I received was ‘life just got in the way’ and I hear this a lot. This is your reason that something doesn’t get done or maybe even started. You blame it on life.

But you know that it’s not true?

Girl-thinkingLife isn’t running anything, and it doesn’t set up obstacles for you. Life doesn’t have any power over you. You have all the power and you control your life.

You decided to prioritise working late in the job you said you hated and wanted to change this year, and yet you’re still there? Hating it, stressed out, unfulfilled.

You also prioritised sitting on the couch watching TV, instead of taking up some exercise in that fitness goal you set?

You prioritised eating unhealthy food, rather than putting that diet plan into action, where you’d eat more healthy.

So you see life didn’t do anything that you didn’t want it to do. You made the choice.

I know because I have been where you are. I let life get in the way when I was made redundant and just sat around. I wanted to run my own business because I didn’t want to return to working hard for someone else. I had lots of ideas, but I didn’t do anything. I had so much fear. What if I failed and had to return to employment? What would people think?

When I realised that 6 months had passed and I hadn’t started anything and wasn’t even looking for a job, right then and there I made the decision to get some help.

LeapI knew my current situation and where I wanted to be, and if I wanted to achieve that, I would need to do something about it. Lying on the couch dreaming about my future wasn’t working!


I now have my own coaching and consultancy business and work with a broad range of clients. I don’t work hard and I enjoy my life. Hiring a coach was the best investment.

If you set a goal or had a dream about where you wanted this year to take you and you’re still lying on the couch dreaming about it, you can do something about it.

If you want to transform your life, contact me to schedule a call.

During this powerful session you will:-

  • Gain clarity on the fastest route to achieving your success
  • Understand what stops you
  • Discover how you can create the success you deserve

If you don’t want to end the year in exactly the same way you started it, contact me today.

About Beverley Bramwell
Beverley BramwellBeverley Bramwell is a success coach and the founder of #EmbraceYourAmbition, a global initiative for women to confidently embrace their ambition and create the success they deserve.

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You don’t Have to be Superwoman; Have the Courage to Be Vulnerable

Brene Brown

Brene Brown says vulnerability is the pathway to connection. Yet so many of us women are afraid to show our vulnerability, especially at work, because we believe we will appear to be weak.

The advent of feminism and women’s increased empowerment has left many of us believing that simply being a woman, is not enough to succeed. If we want to get on, we have to be more like a man. Yet, it is our femininity that sets us apart and we should embrace it. When did being a woman become a symbol for weakness?

Because we don’t want to appear to be weak, we don’t ask for help or seek support and believe we must work all the hours at work, come home and be the wife, mother and partner, and if we aren’t in any of those groups; play hard, work out at the gym excessively. We have become superwoman and can do everything! It is exhausting!


The reality is that we may believe that this is the path to success, it is more likely to end in burnout. Then what?

The solution lies in our vulnerability, our ability to admit we are not men, and we cannot do it all and be everything to everyone.

Before you rush off thinking I’m suggesting that you start crying at work, read on. We don’t have to do everything on our own. We can ask for help, buy in support; do whatever it takes to make our lives easier as we strive for success at work or in our business.

For example at work, delegate. I can’t say it more plainly. You have to empower your staff or team to do the work, so delegate work to them. You may believe they won’t do it as well as you, but you won’t know until you find out. Provide support and opportunities for them to check in with you, at key stages, but lets discover what they re capable of.

If you are a solo worker, what are you doing that could be passed to someone else? Could you buy in or recruit someone to do that work on a part-time or freelance basis? What do you need to stop doing? Are you a perfectionist and that’s why you work such long hours to get ‘it’ right?

Do you want promotion at work or to review your career direction? Hire a coach. You probably need a mentor too. It is an admission that you need support to achieve this, not the end of the world.

At home, enlist the support of your partner and children in the home. Failing that hire a cleaner, someone to do the ironing. I am in awe of one of my friends who has a cook. She runs a successful business and this helps her out. The cook prepares 5 meals each week from ingredients my friend has delivered from the supermarket, which are put in the fridge. So when she gets home, she takes out a meal for the family and heats it up. No Indian takeaway for her, or stressing about what to cook.

Men are also discovering that being strong and tough are not the only traits they need for success, and are taking softer skills like empathy and listening.

We want ambitious, confident women leading our organisations and running businesses, and getting involved in politics, not boasting how they thrive on 4 hours sleep a night.

If you want to receive more updates like this and listen to my upcoming podcasts HerCareerConfidence which launches in November, sign up here for more information. 

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You Are In Charge Of Your Future

HI create future pab

You are in charge of your future? Whatever decisions you make now, will create your future. If you believe your thoughts about who you are, and who you can be, then you can create your future.

 Here are some examples:

  1. Some women believe that to achieve anything, it must be difficult, so why would you do it? What’s the point?
  2. Some women believe that they are worth it and are willing to take a risk and find out if they can create something different in their lives and careers.
  3. Some women are successful because they don’t wait to be chosen; they decide to create their own future.
  4. Some women are waiting on the sidelines for something to happen. And they wait.
  5. Some women are willing to expand their comfort zone, to enable them to take those big steps.
  6. Some women are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, because they fear the unknown.
  7. Some women seize opportunities because they make decisions and work out the details later.
  8. Some women wait until they have all the information and analyse the situation, and miss opportunities.
  9. Some women will have read this to the end and will be thinking what changes they could make now.
  10. Some women gave up reading this half way through.

If you got this far, then you’re probably one of the women who want to be, do and have more.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results’ If you want to stop doing what you’ve been doing and create a different outcome, then coming to #HerInvitation workshops may the solution for you.

At ‪#‎HerInvitation workshops you will discover how you can have a different outcome to the one you’re currently creating, increase your confidence and discover how to expand your comfort zone. One participant said ‘this workshop changed my life’.

If YOU are in charge of YOUR future and want to make some changes now, you need to attend this workshop ‘How to Increase Your Power & Influence 1’

Details and to book http://tinyurl.com/pnetpyh

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