Believe In Yourself & Live Your Dream

Welcome to You Can Believe In Yourself!

This website is resources to help you take your mind to the next level, making your dream possible.
Including inspiring stories, workshops, books that help you to create self-belief to do anything you want. My name is Christina Andrea Blunsum I am an Author, Actress, Speaker, Entrepreneur and I support creative entrepreneurs to create, package and publish the first bestseller in 90 days “Your life is your message.” ♥

One of the main missions of BELIEVE is not only for you to develop the belief in yourself, but also to create as many authors as possible. Everyone has a book in them and everyone has a story to share with the world. Is your dream to be an author, but don’t know how? Your life is your message. One of the best ways to make a difference is to share it into a book. Click here to find out more. 


  • Train your mind to Believe anything is possible.
  • Learn how to express your life message
  • Learn how to become an author
  • Experience a powerful mind meditation to raise your vibration and tap into your true power.
  • Live Q&A ask anything and get help with what you feel is holding you back. 


“As a current member and subscriber of this Believe program, it has truly helped me to reflect on myself and learn self-love, self-belief and gain the confidence I have desired for so long. The daily recordings, as well as the exercises, are essential and I look forward to them every morning to start my day off on a high note and carry it with me throughout the day. I am so thankful and happy I have come across you,Christina! You are a gem, positive influence and most of all a beautiful inspiration :)”

– Angela Clark (21 Days to Believe)

“Before your program, I was close to giving up on my goals…as I could not believe I can accomplish to reach my goal. And here I am…finished your course and I have this award I never dreamed of achieving. This is just the beginning as now I can believe. I thank you so much.”
– Anja Murphy

“This program was life-changing. I changed my mindset and have a beautiful life because of this motivation and positive thinking. Thank you for helping me set goals, focus on myself so I can continue to achieve my goals and be one of the best makeup/hair stylist artist in the world!”
– Anastasia Tenecia Harris

“Thank you so much. I am no longer overwhelmed and I now believe I CAN DO THIS. Before this course I was feeling stagnant, my goals felt unrealistic and unobtainable. Your program helped me organize my thoughts and break everything down so it felt possible and I know believe I can get to my goals. Thank you for inspiring me and I have now launched my website!!”
Catherine W